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Late June 2021

Welcome to our Late June Newsletter


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Hi dear Yogis!

Some things have changed in the short time since I published my last newsletter and so here I am again jumping into your in-box for a catch-up!

The Government threw a spanner into the works of our upcoming retreat by pushing back the 'Covid Freedom' date. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

After some urgent calls with our venue I have managed to reschedule the dates. Our retreat will now be from 23rd to 25th July.

Unfortunately, a small number of our yogis have had to withdraw because the new dates do not fit their personal calendar. Perhaps the new dates will enable YOU to join us?

For more info see the Retreats section in the main body of the newsletter below.



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We have some great news!

Our Portswood classes at the Church of the Immaculate Conception will re-start on Tuesday 6th July at 6.15pm. Unfortunately, for the time being at least, the church hall is not available for our Saturday morning sessions.


Booking/payment for this old-school, LIVE studio class will be via the MeetaYoga class schedule page. If you decide late to walk in having not booked online please call me to check if there is space - or come in and take a chance.

Social distancing rules continue to be required and so our numbers are limited. Please book at least one hour before the class begins.

It will be wonderful to see many of the old regulars back at Portswood - please spread the word!


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New 30 Minute Surya Classes

To bring extra value to our block booking deal, I am introducing some additional (short) classes to get us going in the mornings!

I'm excited to tell you about 4 new Zoom SURYA classes every week:

From 5th July, Monday to Thursday, 07:15 - 07:45 I will run a Surya Practise class - and to keep it interesting, each one of these classes will have a different focus. We will update the styles page shortly to provide a fuller description.

These classes will be included within the 'All Zoom classes' special deal and also available on our normal 'pay as you go' booking process.

Please see the MeetaYoga Class Schedule page to book.


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Video Library is now up and running!

Why not give it a try?

Perfect for yogis who would like to develop their out-of-class practise. Don't try to make it up as you go along - just choose your own perfect time and follow a class from this beautiful archive!

Regular yogis all know that my classes are only loosely planned - It is often said that when you come to your mat with MeetaYoga, classes are never predictable! So, this page will begin in the traditional way of offering a list to choose from. This will be the latest 3 videos in each category. The fourth and final card in each category will offer the 'Roll dice' option of a system-generated random selection from all the videos in your chosen category. The more popular the library becomes, the more videos we will upload. Win-win!

BUT - If you are feeling really adventurous, why not try the 'Random Guru' ? This will select a class from the entire video library - regardless of category. To use this properly, you should promise yourself before clicking that you will take the class - whatever comes!

The video library is currently available only as an add-on to the 69 Special deal (see your Kitty page).

Check out the video library page here

Workshops & Retreats


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Our next workshops:

25th June at 6pm: Renew and Restore

16th July at 6pm: Restorative, Pranayama and Yin

For full details check out the workshops page

If you hurry, you might just grab the last place for next Friday, 25th June!


The 16 July workshop is going to be a REAL de-stress and calming, ME-time event. We have JUST opened up the booking form so get in there quick and grab your slot.

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Retreat dates changed


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Booking NOW!
Weekend Yoga Retreat
- Park Place: 23-25 July

Investment in yourself !

The objective of this 2-day break is to enable and encourage each yogi to focus on their personal journey, through yoga.

We all have busy lives. We become 'full' and our ability to cope is affected by tension and stress.

This couple of days (Friday pm - Sunday pm) away with Meeta will enable each individual to detach from the daily routine, reflect, review and reset through the amazing powers of yoga and meditation.

Suitable for any level of practitioner, Meeta's retreats are a wonderful opportunity for yogis of all abilities to deepen their practise. With up to ten hours of yoga from a variety of styles including Yin, Classic, Strength, Pranayama and Meditation. Meeta will guide you through each practise session in her unique way - bending you physically and mentally until you meet your edge.

The retreat promises to be challenging yet light-hearted and fun, with plenty of chill time too. At the end of the weekend you will leave with a wonderful sense of achievement and exhilaration.

Sounds good? Then read on! For full details click the button below to check out the Retreats page.

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New Pentire Studio Class


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A big welcome to Caroline Eyles

Teaching on Monday evenings from 12th July

Caroline’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes always have a focus on the use of breath while moving through yoga poses. This encourages freedom of movement and stillness in the mind. All levels of the person are connected by a mindful awareness of the present moment. Caroline passionately believes that yoga is for everyone. Her classes are suitable for all abilities, including beginners, as she offers many options to tailor the yoga to your own body.

Yoga has always been an important part of Caroline’s life and she has been practicing yoga regularly since 2004 when she started attending Meeta’s classes. She qualified as a yoga teacher in 2016 with FRYOG and has been teaching ever since. 

To book please see the class schedule in July.


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