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December '21

Merry Christmas to all my yogis and their families!

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Hi dear Yogis - Christmas is almost here !

Here I am again with some news about class changes that will be happening in the New Year..

May all beings be well

May all beings be happy and content

May all beings be free from danger and suffering

May all beings be filled with loving-kindness

May all beings practise yoga in 2022 !


Read on to check out our plans for

  • special classes over Christmas and New Year;
  • the classes timetable (revised for 2022);
  • and a brand-new beginners course starting on January 11 !

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Special Christmas Day class on Zoom

Start your Christmas morning by opening your heart! 

Get into the spirit by giving yourself the gift of yoga before the day's festivities begin.

Join Me for a mix of Vinyasa flow and static postures. Our class will be focused on body awareness, breath and meditation and infused with the little snippets of yogic wisdom and positive affirmations. All levels welcome. 🎁

Open now for bookings on the class schedule!

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Boxing Day/New Year's Day

Join Meeta at her Pentire studio for a Bank Holiday special LIVE class!


The regulars will all remember that every year we a have class on Boxing day mornings. This year's class will be from 10:00 - 11:00 am. This gets booked up very quickly so to avoid disappointment please book your spot.


On New Year's Morning there will be a class from 10:00 -11.15 am. (75 minutes instead of the usual 60 minutes)

Afterwards, if you still have room in your festive tummy, there will be cake! 🍰


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New 'Arms and Core' workshop now open for bookings

Pentire studio

7th January 6:00 pm

See the workshops page for full details of this event where we will enjoy a 90 minutes of honing and toning our pectorals, biceps, triceps, forearms and wrists. We will challenge our edges using plank postures and weights (NOT necessarily at the same time!).

followed by an Indian meal from Meeta's kitchen and some social chat.

visit the workshops page

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New 'Beginners' Course with Graham

Do you know someone who would like to start Yoga?

They would really benefit from regular MeetaYoga classes .. but they feel that they would not be comfortable in classes alongside the regular yogis until they understand the basics of yoga and also know how to get into (and out of!) the basic postures?

Starting on Tuesday evenings in January at my Pentire Studio: a course of five 1-hour sessions for beginners.

At the end of this course new yogis will understand how to align themselves into all the basic postures, will be able to practise the common breathing techniques, and will have a basic understanding of yogic philosophy.

From only £40 (earlybird) for the full 5-session course, this would be a great Christmas present for the aspiring yogi! Spread the word 🙏

for more details and booking form follow this link to the beginners' page

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Edit the words on the button .. Where does the button take us?

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Google reviews

Thank you so much to the yogis who have spent a few moments adding a 5* review for MeetaYoga on Google!

I really do appreciate the effort that my yogi followers have put in to increase the chances of our website being delivered to prospective students as they search for their future teacher.

If you have the time and the inclination, you could have your say here:-

Link to google

Spreading the word about MeetaYoga around friends, family, colleagues and social groups can also help folks who are looking to start their yoga journey find their way to Pentire!

You can really make a difference 🙏

Love and light,

Meeta x

Class Timetable:- Effective January

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On-line ( Zoom)

The 30-min short classes are currently just 7:15-7:45 for the early birds.

Coming in January, perfect for young mums after the school run .. a set of short morning classes for those who don't like or can't make the early sessions! 😴

The Zoom time-table from 3rd Jan is as follows:-

  6:30-7:00am     Surya - Core
  6:30-7:00am     Surya - Yin   
  9:30-10:00am    Vinyasa
  6:30-7:00am     Surya - Arms 
  6:30-7:30pm     Vinyasa
  6:30-7:00am     Surya - Meditate
  9:30-10:00am    Stretch and meditate 
  6:15-7:15pm     Mind,body and soul

Surya class times may be amended after considering results of the Surya survey (see the section below)

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Live Classes (Studio)

Some changes to note:-

HOT yoga is moving from Tuesday evening to Monday evening; Our Tuesday evening Portswood class at Church of Immaculate Conception will resume on 4th January; Graham's beginners class takes the Tuesday evening slot


The LIVE class time-table from 3rd Jan is as follows:-

  6:30 to 7:30pm     Hot class 
  11:15am to 12:15pm Stretch, breathe & meditate
  6:30 to 7:30pm     Vinyasa @ Portswood 
  6:30 to 7:30pm     Beginners' Class @ Pentire
  10:00 to 11:00am   Mellow yoga 
  6:00 to 7:00pm.    Vinyasa (Caroline)
  7:30 to 8:30pm     Vinyasa @ Pentire
  8:00 to 9:00am     Vinyasa @ Pentire
  10:00 to 11:00am   Vinyasa @ Pentire
  10:30 to 11:30am   Vinyasa @ Pentire

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