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September '21 (2)

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Welcome to our September Newsletter

>> All the latest news from MeetaYoga

Namaste dear Yogis!

A short newsletter to tell you about our upcoming workshops and a reminder of our weekend retreat in October (note the changed dates!).

Our MeetaYoga 10 minute plank challenge was achieved last week and now the group is continuing to grow in size and in strength! On Wed 8th Sept we held the pose for 17 minutes! WOW! ;) If you'd like to join us, drop me a line on WhatsApp and I'll add you to the group

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Change your mindset and grow :)

Sometimes setbacks are just opportunities to think outside the box!

"If you FAIL, never give up

because F.A.I.L. means


END is not the END

In fact E.N.D means


If you get 'NO' as an answer

remember N.O. means



Retreats - Booking NOW!

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October’s Weekend Yoga Retreat

Due to administrative changes at Park Place, after checking with yogis who had booked the original dates, I have agreed to push our retreat back to the weekend of 22 to 24 October.

So, It's time once again to set aside a weekend to liberate our minds and bodies from the trials of every day life.

Return with Meeta to Park Place for a well-earned investment in yourself!

More yoga and cheaper prices than any other retreats.

From only £325 you cannot lose!

Come and join Meeta for a journey into Yoga asana and meditation! Together we will embark on a journey towards moksha, a liberation of mind and body through Yoga: Asana -yoga practice, Ahimsha - non harming, Bhakti- devotion, Dhyana- meditation.

Retreat will run from 4pm on Friday to Sunday 2pm

  • Up to 10 hours of yoga in Meeta's wide-ranging styles (The body WILL get used to it!);
  • Every yogi in comfortable, single, en-suite, full board accommodation;
  • Delicious food prepared by the beautiful Indian nuns of the Park Place Pastoral Centre;
  • Plentiful supplies of between- session beverages and snacks (including Meeta's famous vegan cakes and snacks);
  • Time to get to know and have a laugh with others in the group during 2 social evenings and maybe a visit to the pub on Wickham Square.

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Our next workshop:-

Focus: Deep Shoulder Opening

Venue: Meeta's Pentire Studio

When: 1st October at 6pm

In this workshop we will focus on deep shoulder opening poses and transitions, emphasizing breath to reduce stress and tension, and fundamental principles of alignment. We will move slowly and mindfully, using props to support some postures. Perfect for people who want to open their shoulders and build strength in their arms, and for the experienced yogi looking to complement a strong practise with a deeper release and subtle alignment. 

Meeta will teach you how to breathe mindfully in a way that will reduce stress levels; to improve awareness for a healthier body and to help you enhance your self-confidence in each pose. You are always encouraged to listen to your body and go at your own pace. 

Following the yoga workshop, freshly home made food will be served. See the Workshops page for full details.

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Come and join me in classes

In person, live in the studio

Monday 11:15am
Monday 6:00pm (with Caroline)
Tuesday 6:15pm (Portswood)
Wednesday 10:00am
Thursday 7:30pm
Saturday 8:00am 
Sunday 10:30am

On Zoom

Mon-Fri 7:15am (30 minutes)
Tuesday 10:00am
Wednesday 6:30pm
Friday 6:15pm
Saturday 10:00am
Sunday 9:15am (30 minutes)

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30 Minute Surya Classes

To bring added value to our block booking deal, we have some extra (short) classes to get us going in the mornings.

That half-hour wake up call to our bodies brings a real benefit for the rest of the day!

Surya Practise class: Monday to Friday, 07:15 - 07:45

To keep it interesting, each one of these classes has a different focus.

These classes are of course all included in the 'All Zoom classes' special deal and also available on our normal 'pay as you go' booking process.

Please book via the MeetaYoga Class Schedule page.

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