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Meeta's Online Yoga Classes

Here's what you need to do

1. Sign up to receive class passes

In this simple process you will complete a short form to tell us your name and your email address. We will send you a confirmatory message containing a link for you to verify.

2. Sign in to the website

Within the secure area of the website you will find your 'Kitty'. This is where you will maintain a credit balance sufficient to cover the cost of the classes you will join. For maximum security and convenience, we use the STRIPE payment gateway through which you may use your credit/debit card. There are no conditions or restrictions. As long as your kitty can cover the cost of your next class, you choose how much you pay and when. (Most of the regulars pay in enough to cover a month's classes)

3. Choose Your Classes

Our unique bespoke booking system displays all classes available over the next 14 days.

Simply browse the cards, select your classes and click on the 'Book Now' button. In order to offer you maximum flexibility, we do not send out Zoom links until approximately 45 minutes before the class start time.

The schedule cards of classes that you have booked will no longer offer a 'Book now' button. Instead, you are offered a 'Cancel' button which you may use at any time up until the the link for the class is sent.

When you book a class, the cost is debited from your Kitty. Should you need to cancel, the amount will be re-credited.

4. Ensure that the ZOOM Application is installed on your device

In order to enjoy MeetaYoga on-line classes you will need first to install the Zoom app here:- Zoom/Resources/Download Client. This is a quick and easy process which, although Zoom would force an install when you join your first class, is better to be done beforehand.

5. When you join our classes..

- Have your camera switched on. It's entirely your own choice, and with camera on you are visible to all - but if I can't see you it will be difficult to suggest corrections to your postures;

- On arrival into the class it is possible that your microphone is not muted. In this case, do feel free to say a quick 'Hi' to any friends - but do please be aware that many yogis like to sit quietly ahead of their practise.

- Make sure that 'MeetaYoga' is the subject of your main window. Zoom has 2 view choices, 'Gallery' and 'Speaker'. You should select 'Speaker' view and Pin Meeta's window ( '...' )

6. Accept everything as it is !

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