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Yoga classes in Southampton

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Yoga in Southampton

Shakti yoga with Meeta

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Shakti-Shanti yoga classes

Rebalance your chakras with Meeta's Shakti-Shanti yoga class.

In this Kundalini-style class, you'll work on your inner power and spiritual energy.

For the first half, Meeta will lead you through a sequence of energising breath control exercises and postures, which work to develop your inner energy and power (shakti).

In the second half (shanti), you'll enjoy long, slow stretches, chanting and breathwork to awaken your spiritual energy, and realign your 7 chakras for a sense of peace (shanti).


'Chakra' is Sanskrit for 'wheel' or 'disk'. In yoga, it refers to the wheels of energy within the body at the crossing points of the major energy channels ('nadis'):

  • Root - base of spine; red colour; spirituality
  • Sacral - groin; orange; sexuality
  • Solar plexus - yellow; confidence
  • Heart - green; love
  • Throat - blue; communication
  • Third eye - brow; indigo; intuition
  • Crown - white or purple; head; combines all chakras


'Kundalini' means 'coiled snake' in Sanskrit. The goal of this style of yoga is to uncoil the snake, and awaken the divine energy that sits at the base of your spine.


  • a sense of mental and physical balance
  • better quality sleep
  • improved strength and coordination
  • increased sense of spiritual awareness

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