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About Meeta

Meeta's Philosophy

Regular yoga practice has the power to change our outlook on life. It can create a sense of happiness deep within and this happiness is expressed through positive actions towards ourselves and others. The positive energy developed through yoga practice can benefit the lives of those around us, our colleagues at work and members of our family.

Meeta has developed a personal motto that says; “Yoga makes the impossible possible” and it is this positivity and commitment which inspires and encourages her students to achieve the very best for themselves in their practice. It supports the idea that yoga can be taken ‘off the mat’ and used practically to change the world into a better place.

Practising with Meeta

Meeta’s classes are exceptional in that they are invested with a spirituality that is rare to find nowadays. While her classes are challenging and dynamic, there is a depth to them which makes them wholly unique. Her classes are creative and stimulating both mentally and physically and she always has time and encouragement for every individual.

Outgoing, friendly and compassionate, Meeta is a practising Hindu and a vegan. She is actively involved in charitable work here and in India. She has a knack of making every class feel as if it is tailored to each person there. She is also fun and an amazing cook, as evidenced on her workshops and retreats, where she generates a wonderfully inclusive group dynamic and provides delicious vegan food.

A yoga teacher since 2001, Meeta continually implements fresh ideas in her practise. By offering a variety of classes, as well as one to one sessions, Meeta is able to provide for every ability and preference.

All of her students would agree that practising yoga with Meeta has enhanced and given better perspective to their lives.

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