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Yoga classes in Southampton

Yoga that makes the Impossible - Possible!

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Meeta's authentic yoga styles

Mindful, Versatile and Challenging

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Journey forward with Meeta's range of yoga styles

Learn more about Meeta's range of yoga classes, which are entirely suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

In over two decades of teaching her authentic, almost unique style of yoga in and around Southampton, Meeta has earned a reputation for being a hard task-master - but one with a beautiful way of engagement and connection with her students.

So if you're new to yoga, you'll be totally supported. If you're already on your journey, you'll be encouraged to push yourself and grow.

Her huge repertoire of postures, combined with her ability to improvise a flow that's right for the class - for the individual yogis in attendance - is something to behold. You'll never see her refer to a script.

We're all here to achieve peak condition and inner peace - and to do that, Meeta believes that our bodies and our minds need to be properly cared for and nurtured - and that's why she offers such a wide range of styles.

Choose a style to suit your level and your mood, from slow Mellow yoga to intense Hot Yoga, and challenging Core yoga sessions.

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A little about chanting...

As we come together regularly in our beautiful yoga studio, each of our minds is in a different place. We have different emotions, different levels of readiness for the session about to begin..

The chanting of sutras can have a very profound effect on our consciousness and so Meeta leads each class through a short period of chanting in order to create a feeling of energy around us, to clear our minds, introduce a common rhythm and a steady, relaxed breath. By releasing our thoughts into a chant, we encourage our senses to merge and allow the mind to sink into itself.

Our chants are in the ancient language Sanskrit. Each Sanskrit letter is associated with a sound which in turn relates to a specific energy centre (chakra) in our bodies. Sanskrit chanting can activate these subtle energy centres and produce a soothing, purifying and energizing effect.

Many of the regulars have several of Meeta's chants memorised... just tune in to the wonderful sound that settles you into that place - in readiness for the practise to come.

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Let's take a look at some of Meeta's authentic yoga styles..

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Hot Yoga

Sweat, stretch, detoxify

Meeta was the first to teach hot yoga in Southampton. Here, in her custom-built Pentire Avenue studio - heated to 40C - Hot Yoga will really open up your body.

Your muscles will stretch, your breath will be heavy. Expect to sweat, and expect to achieve what you didn't think possible!

Thursday evenings, 7:00pm;
Sunday mornings, 10:30am

Hot Yoga is not suitable for yogis who are pregnant, or who have asthma or lung conditions

Learn more about hot yoga >>

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Especially for HOT classes please bring your own mat!

The MeetaYoga studio is laid out with yoga mats - but these are primarily to show yogis where to lay their own mat on top and to provide additional cushioning between your knees and the hard wooden floor.

1. For hot classes, please be sure to bring a towel and your own mat. You WILL sweat, probably a lot!

2. Please also be sure to drink plenty of water in the couple of hours before a hot class. This will help prevent you from needing to drink during the class.

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Classic Vinyasa flow

Dynamic, flowing, gentle

If you're looking for a good all-round class, which suits total beginners, sporty types and seasoned yogis, then come to the Classic class.

In Meeta's fully improvised classes, you don't know what you'll get until you're on the mat! Experience something truly unique - and open yourself up to pleasant surprises.

With elements of Hatha, you can expect gentle yet challenging instruction. In true Vinyasa style, you'll flow from posture to posture without stopping. Meeta will also take you through energising breath exercises to give you a boost.

You'll leave feeling connected to yourself and ready to face the day.

Sound good? Then come and try it!

Learn more about Meeta's Classic Yoga classes >>

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Beginners’ drop in class

A slow-paced flowing class that enables yogis to enhance their knowledge of postures and develop strength and flexibility.

Embark on your yoga journey with our beginners' drop-in class, a serene sanctuary where you can explore the foundations of yoga at your own pace.

Our biannual (Spring and Autumn) 5-week beginners' course provides lots of very basic instruction about posture types, transitions and philosophy whereas this class is a gentle, flowing practice designed to deepen your understanding of postures whilst nurturing strength and flexibility.

Whether you're stepping onto the mat for the first time or refining your practice, our welcoming studio environment provides the perfect space to cultivate mindfulness, build confidence, and lay the groundwork for a lifelong relationship with yoga.

Monday evenings, 6:15-7:00pm

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Mellow Yoga

Gentle, slow, versatile

Sometimes you need to move mindfully, to soften the edges of your hectic modern lifestyle.

Meeta's Mellow Yoga classes offer a space to focus on your breath and oh-so-gently challenge your body. It's nice and slow, offering lots of juicy longer holds - but also offers more of a challenge than Yin.

You'll come away feeling balanced and more flexible.

Learn more about Mellow Yoga >>

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Yin Yoga

Stretch, lengthen, surrender

An intense slow-burner of a class, the floor-based Yin yoga offers you - whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi - a wonderful opportunity to connect and really open yourself up.

Using props such as belts, blocks and bolsters (and maybe with a little help from Meeta herself!), prepare to surrender into lovely long passive holds or postures, which gently increase your range of motion. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long day, or the Hot Yoga class that (on some seasonal schedules) comes right before it.

Pregnancy friendly!

Learn more about Yin yoga>>

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Shakti-Shanti Yoga

Energetic, balancing, spiritual

If you feel off-balance, like your chakras need rebalancing, then Meeta's Shakti-Shanti yoga class is for you.

It incorporates the Kundalini yoga style, which involves repetitive chants and movements to awaken your spiritual - kundalini - energy.

The first half of the class focuses on Shakti - Sanskrit for 'power' or 'energy'. Meeta will guide you through an energising, energetic practice, leading to the second half - the Shanti, meaning 'peace'.

You'll come away with boosted energy, reduced stress, and lifted spirits.

Learn more about Shakti Yoga >>

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Breathe, focus, awaken

Pranayama, a type of meditation technique, is the fourth of the eight limbs of Yoga. 'Prana' = energy, and 'yama' = control.

Take your yoga practice from good to great - or start your yoga practice here - by focusing on the breath.

In this class, Meeta will guide you through a series of breathing exercises. Shut out the outside world, and emerge feeling de-stressed and connected to your spirit.

Learn more about Pranayama >>

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Body, Mind and Soul

Conditioning, complexity, variety

One hour, four sections. Want to try different styles, and benefit from them all?

In this class you'll do a warmup, then move on to 15 minutes of muscle-building postures - even adding in weights if you want. After progressing into a classic flow, you'll then enjoy a short Yin, using all that heat you've generated.

Finally, you will be invited lie or recline into a journey of visualisation.

Book now to find out why the regulars love it!

Friday evenings on Zoom!

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Core Yoga

Challenging, strengthening, energising

Not a fan of the gym, but would love to build your core strength through yoga? Then this class is for you!

Your core - abs, obliques, lower back - is your power. In this class you'll improve your posture, your breath, your resilience.

Expect to work hard and find your edge, and you'll be rewarded with a blissful Shavasana at the end!

Learn more about Core Yoga>>

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Breathe, calm, de-stress

Now more than ever, anxiety and stress affect us all. Meeta's Visualisation class is designed to help ease your worries.

In this class you'll use the combined powers of breath (pranayama) to assist the flow of toxins from the bloodstream, and creative visualisation to imagine - and attract - what you want to experience in your life.

Breathe, stretch, then just listen... and come away feeling calm.

Learn more about Visualisation>>

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Nourishing, deep, tranquil

Let go of your stress and your worries by candlelight.

Meeta's specially developed iYINgar class blends the best of two styles: Iyengar's standing poses, focus on detail and breathwork, and Yin's deep floor-based stretches.

You'll emerge calmer, stronger and more open. Pregnant women are welcome.

Learn more about Meeta's iYINgar>>

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